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Dog Sledding & Husky vacations

A dog sled tour for your exceptional holiday in the north. More about dog sled tours

Wilderness Trips from Hut to Hut

  • Beginners and experienced
  • Multiple nights in the wilderness
  • Longer trips up to 14 days
  • Husky tours
  • Husky expeditions
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Dog Sledding & Comfortable Lodging

  • Beginners and experienced
  • Comfortable Lodging
  • Up to 8 days
  • Husky trainings
  • Husky tours
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Winter holidays with huskies & more

Short stays & weekend trips

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Dog Sled Tours with overnight wilderness stays or comfortable accommodation

Winter holidays mixed with the beauties of the north: huskies, reindeer, snowmobiles and much more

Dog sledding tours and husky tours: experience pure nature!

On a dog sled tour, you can enjoy endless winter landscapes on your holiday. Experience life without noise or light pollution. The only sound that you will hear here is that of the snow crunching under your feet and the panting of your excited huskies. Relax in a region far removed from civilisation and the stress of daily life. Get to know your team. After a short time, you can be sure that you can rely on the dogs. Trained and experienced dog guides will instruct you in the handling of the dog sledge. Through this activity, you will learn a lot about the friendly and capable sled dogs. In the evening, you will feed and take care of the dogs. Enjoy a comfortable accommodation with generous meal servings and plenty of relaxation facilities, such as a private jacuzzi or sauna. These husky tours offer the perfect mix of physical activity and relaxation in nature. Our tours are available in various levels of difficulty – from easy to normal and challenging. There is something for everyone. For example, we offer family-friendly tours and activities for families with kids. You also have the choice between weekend events or longer tours. Whatever you choose, you will get the chance to know the unique landscapes of Scandinavia, Greenland, Canada or Alaska in a totally unique and authentic way. Getting in touch with the local people, for example on rural tours, can also be arranged for you. This will allow you to truly get an insight into the local way of life.

Popular regions:

Dog Sledding in Scandinavia

Snow and endless wilderness is probably what most people associate with Scandinavia. A dog sled ride over wide plains, frozen lakes and rivers is an unparalleled experience during your winter holidays. We offer sled dog holidays in Sweden, Finland and Norway. In the Husky Tours Scandinavia section, you will also find activities that are suitable for families with children. These are marked as “light”. For the overnight stays, hotels or comfortable log cabins are available. In addition to the husky tours, other available activities are snowmobile rides, snowshoe hikes, cross-country skiing and reindeer encounters. If you are physically fitter, you can book a husky tour marked as “normal”. These trips include daily dog sledding tours that are longer and more demanding. Experienced sled dog guides teach you how to ride a sled and. You will also receive the most important equipment that you will need. In addition to these offers, it is also possible to try other winter sports, such as ice fishing. For those who already have experience with dog sledding, there are more demanding and challenging tours for you to participate in. Thus, in Scandinavia, everyone will find their ideal husky trip tailored to their personal preferences and fitness level.

Dog sledding through Lapland

Lapland is generally defined as the part of Scandinavia which lies north of the Arctic Circle. The area covers multiple countries including Norway, Finland, Sweden and Russia. This part of the world is sparsely populated, with a population density of approximately just two people per square kilometre. In the east, the land is flat. But in the west, you will find hilly landscapes. In the area around the border between Norway and Sweden, the landscape rises notably. In the region that is called “Scandinavian Mountains”, you can find mountains that are up to 2,000 metres high. You will also find numerous national parks and nature reserves, which span across the borders of several countries. Together, they form one of the largest protected natural areas in Europe – the ideal playground for dog sledding Lapland tours. With this environmentally friendly mode of transport, we can drive to the furthest corners of the national parks and leave nothing but pawprints behind. For this overwhelming experience in nature, you should have a medium fitness level. If you already have experience in driving husky sleds, you can also participate in more demanding tours with longer trips. For beginners, a Husky taster weekend is usually perfect as it does not require a high level of physical fitness. This way, you can gain your first experiences with sled dogs and the technique of dog sledging. These introductory tours are also suitable for families with children and you will have the same opportunity to experience the great nature of Lapland as with all our tours.

Huskies tours through Norway

A husky holiday in Norway has a lot to offer: Husky farms, sled dog breeders and sled dog specialists are all part of the dog sledding tours here. Regardless of whether you only have planned a few days, a longer trip or an expedition in Norway, any husky tours Norway has on offer will give you an unforgettable experience. With a team of four to six dogs, you will glide almost silently through untouched nature. For overnight stays, there are camps with winter tents or cosy furnished cabins available. The small tour group quickly becomes a well-rehearsed team. Lunch around the campfire in the winter landscape is a special experience. Here, you will also get the chance to meet reindeer herders or visit a local village of the Sami people. You will learn a lot about the capable sled dogs as well as the technique of dog sledding from the experienced guides who accompany the tours. That way, you will learn how to drive your own husky team in no time. For these kind of tours, a good fitness level, the ability to concentrate and have fun with the handling of the dogs are necessary requirements. If you still have problems with the sledge or dogs, you can always ride with one of the guides. In the magnificent nature of Norway, you will glide through snowy forests, along icy marshlands and over frozen lakes. If you are lucky, you might even encounter moose and reindeer on the way.

Dog sled tours through Finland

Depending on the season, you will have the chance to see the Aurora Borealis, also known as the Northern Lights, on our husky tours through Finland. In addition to the sled tours, you also have the opportunity to try cross-country skiing, snowshoeing and even a ride on a reindeer sled. The trips are offered at all difficulty levels and with different travel durations. Thus, everyone will be able to get to know the unique nature of Finland and its national parks. Depending on the type of your husky tour Finland adventure, you can spend the night comfortably in furnished log cabins, in cosy lodges or in stylish hotels. On the husky farms, you will get to know these friendly animals and learn a lot about their breeding and care. You may also visit a reindeer farm. Seeing a reindeer up and close is a special experience, particularly for young children. The necessary clothing items for the sleigh rides such as a hat, gloves, a parka and boots are all provided. For most tours, no dog sledding experience is required. If you do not trust yourself to drive a sledge, you can always ride on the sledge with a guide. To enjoy the journey in the best way possible, please check beforehand if you meet the programme requirements of physical fitness. Of course, you will also get the chance for relaxation on these trips. You will find that almost all our partners offer a traditional a sauna or an indoor pool. And of course, you can spend the evenings relaxing by a cosy fire in the company of your fellow travellers.Husky holiday in Sweden

Husky holiday in Sweden

There are 28 national parks throughout Sweden, so you can discover a lot of untouched nature. Here, you may even find moose, wolves, bears and reindeer roaming the wilderness around you. On a dog sled, you will glide effortlessly through the white splendour, leaving the nature just as unspoilt as you found it. Whether you just want to spend a weekend here or book an eight-day expedition, there is a tour to suit every taste and ability. If you are interested in dog sledding and dog training, you can also book a stay on a husky farm and actively participate in the training of the animals. If you want to learn how to ride a dog sledge, then you have the opportunity to spend a dog sled weekend to do just that. In small groups you can learn everything worth knowing about dog sledding, driving techniques and the dogs. Those who already have experience in handling dog sledges and are accordingly fit, an expedition tour offers exactly the right thing for you. For experienced dog sled guides, the tours through the national park are a wonderful adventure.

Husky Expeditions through Alaska

The dog sledge was once the only means of transport in Alaska. Even today, there are still areas that are accessible only by sledge. Those who want to enjoy undisturbed nature far from civilisation should take a tour with the dog sledge. Huskies are friendly, joyful animals that enjoy being in a pack. They also do not mind the cold and pulling the sledges. On the contrary, running in packs is a lot of fun for the dogs. You have never driven a dog sledge? That does not have to be an obstacle. If you have at least an average fitness level and you like dogs, you will learn how to use the sledge quickly. The necessary equipment for you and the dogs will be put at your disposal. So you can easily enjoy the endless expanse of Alaska, the alternation between valleys, mountains and glaciers. For beginners, we offer trips on which you first learn how to handle the huskies and the sledge in order to independently lead a dog sled in Alaska later on. These tours are also suitable for young people from the age of 14 – provided that a parent or legal guardian is with them. Due to the small size of the groups, experienced guides can respond individually to every guest’s needs. We also have attractive trips for experienced dog sled guides, during which you can stay in the wilderness and are responsible for your dog team from start to finish. For sporty dog ​​lovers, this is a truly unique experience.

Dog sledding in Yukon

The Yukon Territory in north-western Canada owes its name to the Yukon River. This area is associated with trappers, gold miners and adventurers. Again, the region is sparsely populated with approximately just 0.06 inhabitants per square mile. However, wolves, bears and moose fare very well there. Most people live around Whitehorse – the capital of the territory. Since in former times the dog sledge was the only means of transport in the winter, sled dog breeding has a long tradition in this part of the world. Malamutes and huskies are tough and can pull fully loaded sledges through rough terrain – even in extreme weather conditions. Our sled dog tours in Yukon are aimed at adults over the age of 18 who have at least a normal fitness level. Experience with the dog sledge is not required. The trips are designed in a way that you first have the opportunity to get to know the dogs and then familiarise yourself with the driving technique. Afterwards, you can go on longer and more demanding tours. During these camp-to-camp tours, you will spend a few nights in the wilderness. Whether you choose a shorter or longer trip, you will certainly have a unique holiday experience.

Husky expeditions in Greenland

A dog sledding tour in Greenland is just the thing for adventurers over the age of 18, who do not care about comfort. On the Greenland tours you will drive over sea ice and frozen fjords. Winter tents are available for the overnight stays. The sledges used in Greenland and the type of harnessing of the dogs differ from the usual forms. So there are sleds in different sizes and shapes, depending on the purpose. The dogs are not stretched as a pair in a line, but fan-shaped in front of the sledge. Even the dogs themselves are a different breed than those used in Scandinavia or America. The Greenland Husky is more spirited and less peaceful. So these trips also offer experienced dog sled guides an interesting new challenge. But even those who have no experience with dog sleds can safely go on such a journey. The experienced guides will provide you with everything you need during the first days of the trip. On a husky tour in Greenland, the exact itinerary may depend on the weather, but you will definitely experience a unique landscape and visit small settlements in Greenland. Even the overnight stay in a camp in the wilderness is a unique experience. And with a little luck, you can also observe the Northern Lights.

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