Arctic Astronomy

~12 Persons
Suitable for all abilities, including children
Age 4+

Take a look at the Arctic night sky with retired officer and amateur astronomer Ulf Jonsson (now a consultant in aviation, space and photography). In his own small observatory he will tell you interesting facts about the various objects in the sky, which you can also observe yourself through telescopes and binoculars. In some cases, it is even possible to take your own photo with a system camera or cell phone. In addition, you will hear stories about the constellations and their perception in different cultures. If the moon is shining, it will also be scrutinized with its impressive craters and mountain rages. With a little luck, even the Northern Lights will show up! In this case, you can look forward to tips for good photos. This insight into the wide field of astronomy takes about 3 hours.

Arctic Astronomy

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