Long snowmobile safari

Average Fitness
Age 4+

This five-hour tour takes you by snowmobile through the breathtaking winter landscape of Sweden. Two at a time, you will travel over rivers, lakes and through white forests, getting to know the nature of the north at a fast pace. At lunchtime, you will stop for a break before continuing your exploration on the snowmobile. Appropriate outdoor clothing will be provided. Please note that children 12 and under are seated in a sled pulled by the guide's snowmobile. Driving a snowmobile is only allowed if you are 18 or older and have a valid driver's license. Deductible insurance can be purchased for 1,000 EUR and an excess of 500 EUR will be assumed if damage occurs to the snowmobile during the tour. For a fee of 50 EUR, you can drive your own snowmobile.

Long snowmobile safari

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