Northern Lights Trips Yukon: Canada’s wilderness and pure adventure

Northern Lights Trips Yukon

Northern Lights Trips Yukon will let you experience wilderness and untouched nature as far as the eye can see. During your Northern Lights journey to Yukon, you will get to know the far north up close and have the best chances of catching some viewings of the Northern Lights. You will travel through varied landscapes and enjoy exciting activities during the day. At night, you can keep a lookout for the Northern Lights. Over the rugged mountain ranges and wide valleys, the Aurora Borealis are particularly impressive and will enchant you. Capture the natural spectacle in photos and make your dream come true to see the Northern Lights with your own eyes. Your guides will show you the most beautiful viewpoints and tell exciting stories and legends about the Northern Lights during your winter holiday 2022-2023. More about fascinating Northern Lights trips to Yukon.

With our Northern Lights trips to Yukon, you have the best chances to observe the Northern Lights.

Northern Lights trips to Yukon as a highlight in North America

The beauty of Yukon speaks for itself and will enchant you when you travel there. The Northern Lights will be an absolute highlight during your trip and will give you an unforgettable holiday experience on your husky tour in Canada. Nature lovers and adventurers will get their money’s worth here and experience pure wilderness during their Northern Lights trip to Yukon. Varied activities and excursions top off your stay and perfectly match the impressive nature and the mystical Northern Lights. A perfect mix of adventure, relaxation and excitement awaits you. After an eventful day, keep your eyes open and feel the magic in the air. With a little luck, Aurora Borealis will show itself and dance in the Arctic night sky. Above the mountain ranges and vast landscapes, very special natural viewings promise a fantastic photo opportunity. Experience the legendary Northern Lights with your own eyes during your trip to Yukon 2021-2022.

Yukon under dancing auroras

There are many ways to experience the Northern Lights during your time in Canada. Sightseeing trips and tours at night into the darkness of the wilderness play a major role. Far from artificial light sources, there is reduced light pollution in the wild, which increases your chances of Aurora Borealis viewings. In addition, there are special accommodation options for observing the Northern Lights. For example, glamping allows you to gaze at the night sky from your bed through a large window front or glass dome. The guides on site want to make aurora viewing possible for you. The weather and Northern Lights forecasts are always taken into account and places with the best chances and most beautiful views are sought out. In some cases, a Northern Lights alarm is also offered, which will notify you as soon as the dancing lights appear in the sky.

Dog sledding through Yukon

Smaller, family-run husky farms offer a very special kind of holiday close to nature. With a dog sled, you head into the wilderness to beautiful viewpoints, through deeply snow-covered landscapes and to the most remote places. You can, for example, experience life as a trapper on a dog sledding adventure that will take you through the historic trapper trails of Yukon. Far away from civilisation and with reduced light pollution, you can also increase your chances of seeing the Northern Lights here. No glow in the sky will escape you here. Your husky team will pull you through impressive landscapes from one place to the next and show you Yukon in its full beauty. Feel the freedom of the far north and the excitement at night when you look out for the Aurora Borealis. This atmosphere runs through your entire stay and will remain in your memory for a long time after your travels.

Northern Lights, national parks and beautiful mountains

What makes Yukon special? Its unique and untouched nature as far as the eye can see! Deep snow-covered national parks will impress you and wide valleys promise breathtaking views. Mountain lakes and marshlands offer plenty of space for extended tours with the dog sled. Finally, the diverse wildlife is another highlight during your Northern Lights trip to Yukon.

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