Northern Lights Trips Sweden: Untouched nature and spectacular night skies

Northern Lights Trips Sweden

Northern Lights trips Sweden: Experience untouched nature! In the north of Sweden, close to and above the Arctic Circle, wild and breathtaking nature as well as legendary Northern Lights await you. During your Northern Lights trip to Sweden 2021-2022, you will experience an active and at the same time relaxing holiday in harmony with nature. During your trip, you have a good chance to marvel at the Northern Lights, as almost all husky farms are located far enough in the north, away from the artificial light sources of the big cities. As soon as it is really dark, the hunt for the dancing lights in the night sky can begin. In addition to authentic and traditional activities such as dog sledding, ice fishing or snowshoeing, you can experience the magic of the wilderness and, with a bit of luck, witness a breathtaking natural spectacle. Let yourself be enchanted by your viewings of the Aurora Borealis and experience unforgettable Northern Lights trips to Sweden! More about fascinating Northern Lights trips to Sweden.

With our Northern Lights trips to Sweden, you have the best chances to observe the Northern Lights. The following tours have been especially designed for experiencing the Northern Lights:

Perfect holidays during your Northern Lights trips to Sweden

Your trip to the north of Sweden is topped off by the mystical Northern Lights. As a highlight of your trip, you have the best chances of seeing the Northern Lights here. This holiday is perfect for true nature lovers and adventurers. Not only untouched, wild nature but also fascinating animals await you. You can, for example, travel through the breathtaking wilderness with your own dog sled team and experience an unreal silence. This silence and magic of nature lasts throughout the day and turns into an impressive natural spectacle in the evening – the Aurora Borealis. Eventful days in the winter wonderland are followed by unforgettable nights under the Arctic night sky with the Aurora Borealis. Feel the excitement and keep your eyes open, for example by opting for a Northern Lights photography tour in Sweden. With a bit of luck, you will catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights during your Northern Lights trip to Sweden! Whether you opt for a glamping trip, special tours, sightseeing at night or dog sled tours that last several days – every adventurer’s heart beats faster here, as you experience the wild and beautiful nature of Sweden.

Pure Wilderness: On a husky sledge towards the Northern Lights

A dog sled tour that lasts several days is the perfect way to hunt for the Northern Lights. On tours with overnight wilderness stays, you travel from one place to the next – far away from the artificial light sources of the cities. The reduced light pollution increases your chances of seeing the dancing lights, as you are in complete darkness here. It only takes a few steps in front of the cabin or tent and you are standing directly under the Arctic night sky. You spend a very close-to-nature holiday and experience everything that the wilderness high up in the north has to offer. On our wilderness tours, you will be deeply connected with nature and spend a lot of time outdoors. You can, for example, catch the Northern Lights while feeding your dogs in the evening or relaxing in the sauna. Each one of these activities will offer you a new chance for viewings of the famous Northern Lights.

Relaxation in Sweden under the Aurora Borealis

In addition to the adventurous trips, small authentic hotels also attract visitors to the north of Sweden for relaxation. With cosy seating areas and warm saunas, these accommodations are the perfect retreat. During your Northern Lights trips to Sweden, you will get really comfortable in your hotel and experience varied excursions. Your hosts are keen not only to show you more about the charm of the north, but also to enable you to observe the Aurora Borealis. Various excursions and sightseeing tours in the evening and at night increase your chances of seeing the Northern Lights. You can often tailor your Northern Lights 2021-2022 trip according to your own interests and wishes. There are many adventure activities to opt for. So why not combine dog sledding in Sweden during the day with a Northern Lights excursion at night? If you choose to, you can make your holiday all about the Aurora Borealis!

Your husky farm holiday combined with the Northern Lights

There are many small, family-run husky farms in Sweden, some run by expats. Here you will be warmly welcomed into farm life and experience the north in harmony with nature. Your hosts are experienced guides, know the local weather conditions and can estimate the Northern Lights forecasts. You will be personally looked after here and individual wishes will be catered for, so feel free to let your hosts know if the observation of the Northern Lights is particularly important to you. Look forward to unique travel experiences with your husky team, beautiful landscapes and the mystical Northern Lights. Please let us know if you would like us to help you find your dream trip with the travel conditions that suit you.

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