Northern Lights Trips Finland: Experience the magic of the north!

Northern Lights Trips Finland

Northern Lights Trips Finland: Experience the magic of the north! In the far north of Finland, you will embark on unforgettable winter activities and see impressive nature. Plus, with a little luck, you will also get some viewings of the wonderful Northern Lights. Around and above the Arctic Circle, you will spend your holiday in exactly the right place to witness the magical natural spectacle that is the Northern Lights. During your Northern Lights trip to Finland 2021-2022, you will observe Aurora Borealis in the night sky when it gets really dark. The dancing lights appear in the winter months from September to April from the early evening hours all through the night. With our Northern Lights tours you have the best conditions to see the breathtaking natural phenomenon in Finland. Read more about fascinating Northern Lights trips to Finland.

With our Northern Lights trips to Finland, you have the best chances to observe the Northern Lights. The following tours have been especially designed for experiencing the Northern Lights:

Northern Lights trips to Finland: Your winter holidays 2021-2022

Holidays for the whole family with varied activities, adventurous husky expeditions or specially designed Northern Lights trips to Finland – no matter which of these options you choose, you can expect the best chances of seeing the famous Aurora Borealis! High up in the north and far away from the artificial light sources of the big cities, your dream will come true. When you travel here, you can marvel at the legendary lights with your own eyes. While you enjoy your holiday to the fullest, keep your eyes open in the evening and at night, walk a few metres into the darkness and, with a bit of luck, discover the dancing Northern Lights. A wide variety of tours, accommodation and sightseeing options are designed for Northern Lights viewings. For example, how about a fun Northern Lights weekend in Finland? Some tour packages also give you the option of glamping, which is a night in a luxurious tent with a glass dome or a special sky cabin with an open glass front. Not only do you fall asleep under the beautiful starry sky, but you can also watch the mystical lights in the sky. A very special experience that you will remember for a long time! Evening excursions, such as a snowmobile safari, husky tour or visit to a reindeer farm, further increase your chances of seeing the Northern Lights during your trip to Finland. During a husky expedition that lasts several days, your chances of witnessing the natural spectacle are particularly good due to the reduced light pollution. Make this dream come true and experience the Northern Lights with your own eyes during one of our Northern Lights tours in Finland!

Northern lights as a highlight for the whole family

An impressive winter wonderland awaits you when you travel to Finland. The vast and beautiful landscapes are covered by a thick layer of snow and invite you to unforgettable experiences. Some of the authentic hotels and cosy accommodations offer varied activities and excursions in nature. Many programmes are designed to meet the needs and wishes of the whole family and are therefore also suitable for children. Thus, you will not only experience the beauty and magic of the north during the day, but also at night when the Northern Lights show themselves in Finland. On evening excursions into the wilderness, the guides will take you to the best places to look out for the Northern Lights. With no artificial light sources and reduced light pollution, you will have a very good chance of Northern Lights viewings during your holiday. This is surely a highlight during your Northern Lights trip to Finland that you and your children will always remember.

Pure wilderness and adventures under the Aurora Borealis

In the Finnish wilderness, you will not only experience breathtaking views, but also reduced light pollution due to the lack of artificial light sources. Multi-day dog sledding tours have the advantage of exploring the depths of the Finnish wilderness, in remote locations far from civilisation. In absolute darkness, you keep your eyes open and have the best chances of sighting the Northern Lights. In a very special and natural atmosphere, the Northern Lights top off your holiday to the magical north.

Unforgettable nights under the Northern Lights

As a special experience during your Northern Lights tour 2021-2022 in Finland, we offer special overnight stays under the Arctic night sky. Glamping allows you to marvel at dancing auroras while getting really cosy. Heated tents, cabins or glass domes promise a unique experience and are your personal retreat for an unforgettable night. When the Aurora Borealis appear in the sky, you don’t need to leave your warm accommodation, but can marvel at the natural spectacle through the large glass front or the dome. From your bed, you have the best view to let yourself be enchanted by the legendary lights. Even if no Northern Lights can be seen in the sky that night, the overnight stay with a special view will be a legendary experience.

A Northern Lights overnight stay is already included in the following tours or can be booked additionally:

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