Northern Lights trips Alaska: Pure wilderness and adventure

Northern Lights Trips Alaska

Northern Lights Trips Alaska: Experience the Alaskan wilderness on adventurous husky tours. Alaska is a vast land with spectacular landscapes. Besides the adventurous character during your Northern Lights trips to Alaska, you will also be enchanted by the Aurora Borealis. High up in the north, you have the best chances of seeing a magical natural spectacle that takes place over wild Alaska. Feel the connection to nature and fulfil your dream of marvelling at the Northern Lights. Here, the dancing lights show up in their most beautiful colours and will make your winter holiday 2022-2023 unforgettable. The perfect adventure for all outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers! More about fascinating Northern Lights trips to Alaska.

With our Northern Lights trips in Alaska you have the best chances for seeing the Northern Lights:

Wild and primal Alaska during your Northern Lights trips to Alaska

Alaska is known for its breathtaking nature, wild landscapes and impressive views. When you travel here, you will experience the vastness that runs through the whole land and offers you wonderful views of nature. You will be enchanted by day and night since not only the deep snow-covered landscapes, but also the magical Northern Lights in the Alaskan night sky will captivate you. As soon as the Aurora Borealis appear on the horizon, a crackling excitement spreads and the Arctic night sky is streaked with the dancing lights. In this special place, the Northern Lights are highlighted against the impressive mountain ranges. This might be the perfect background for taking beautiful photographs of the Northern Lights.

Your husky tour with Northern Lights in the Alaskan wilderness

The dog sled is a traditional means of transport in Alaska and lets you explore the stunning, wild nature from a special perspective. Here, you will be isolated and in the wilderness far away from cities and their artificial light sources. With reduced light pollution, you will be in complete darkness at night and will not miss a single glow in the night sky. During your husky tours to Alaska, your dog sled team will take you to the most remote places where terrific and expansive views await you. Wilderness dog sledding tours that last several days are particularly suitable for increasing your chances of seeing the Northern Lights. Glamping tours are also great options for Northern Lights trips to Alaska. Keep your eyes open in the evening and at night when you step outside the door, feed your huskies, or visit the sauna. Feel the excitement in the air and keep an eye out for viewings of the magical Northern Lights during your trip to Alaska.

Individual husky farm holidays

Small family-run kennels offer husky farm holidays in Alaska and will welcome you into their farm life. You will learn how to handle the husky sled and hear exciting facts about life with the sled dogs. Your hosts can also tell you a lot about the Northern Lights. You will listen to the myths and stories about Aurora Borealis and will be assisted in taking photographs of the dancing Northern Lights. Your hosts are also very familiar with the weather and Northern Lights forecasts and would like to enable you to observe the Aurora Borealis. When you travel here, you will be looked after individually and personally and get to know what life is really like this high up in the north.

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