Northern Lights On New Year's Eve: A Special Kind Of Magic For The New Year

New Year's Eve Under The Northern Lights In The Arctic Circle

Do something different on New Year's Eve! How about an incredible dog sledding tour in Lapland at the heart of the Arctic Circle? Out of consideration for the lovely huskies, it will be a New Year's Eve without fireworks, but a special kind of magic nonetheless. You may not have fireworks lighting up the sky, but there's every chance that something much more incredible will be dancing above you to welcome in the new year - the ethereal Northern Lights. Read more about New Year`s Eve under the northern lights. 

Northern Lights On New Year's Eve: Tighten The Husky Reigns, And Off You go!

On the New Year's Eve trip with huskies, you will learn how to handle the sled dogs, take care of them, and how to tether the beautiful, large dogs to the sledges. Then you can begin your journey through the snow-white environment. You will cross frozen rivers and discover the diverse nature of Lapland. In the evening you return to your beautiful accommodation, eat something warm and then maybe go to the traditional sauna to unwind. At a leisurely get together, you can discuss the events of the past day with the other participants. In addition, you have the opportunity to experience many other activities of the north such as snowshoeing, ice fishing, reindeer safaris, snowmobile tours and many more.

Welcome The New Year With Huskies And Reindeer

Celebrate New Year's Eve in Lapland, Canada or Alaska, join the other participants for the New Year and take a Husky trip to ring in the new year in a way you have never done before! Enjoy the peace and quiet of the great outdoors. The new year can hardly begin any better.

Northern Lights Instead Of Fireworks: Experience The Aurora Borealis In A Special Way

Keep your eyes peeled on this exclusive winter holiday in the snow-covered north, because you may even discover for yourself the fabulous beauty of the Northern Lights, also known as Aurora Borealis. The Northern lights are a breathtaking phenomena that you will remember for a long time. Book a dog sledding tour on New Year's Eve on your own or head to Lapland with your partner or friends and spend a few eventful days in the far north. The holiday includes unforgettable dog sled tours, an experience for adults and children of all ages to enjoy. Leave the routine of everyday life at home for a while and ring in the new year in the most spectacular way, with a winter adventure like no other! Remember to book early, as the New Year's Eve dates can get fully booked very quickly. Talk to us and we will advise you in detail.

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