Winter Holidays 2020-2021 Canada Yukon On the ice road to the white huskies in Inuvik

On the ice road to the white huskies in Inuvik

Traveling on the Yukon Ice Rink: Discover Canada on the way to White Huskies in Inuvik!

This 9 day / 8 night journey will take you through the beautiful Yukon along traditional trade routes to the White Huskies in Inuvik. You can expect the most fascinating landscapes of Canada from impressive mountains to the wild tundra.

Tour ID: 1830189 in Yukon, Canada ●●●●◐ 206 Reviews

8 days / 7 nights
Round Trips
Comfortable lodging
Very good chance to see Northern Lights
Impressive wildlife in nature of Canada
Exciting indigenous culture
Snowy mountain ranges
Group size 5~20 Persons
Videos (1)
Pictures (65)
Reviews (206)
Equipment & Clothes
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