Wilderness Trips Husky Tours: A Combination Of Pure Adventure And Fantastic Nature

Real wilderness trips from hut to hut

Wilderness trips husky tours stand for an original and simple way of life, combined with a breathtaking beauty of nature and a simple lifestyle. Escape your stressful everyday life and let your husky team take you into the wilderness. Surrounded by silence and the snow-covered landscape of the far north, you will experience an adventure of a special kind. These wonderful husky wilderness trips take you far away from the big cities and civilization, from one wilderness hut to the next. Here you can experience a very special kind of adventure. More about wilderness trips husky tours.

Wilderness trips husky tours full of adventure


Expeditions through stunning nature

In the last true wilderness of this earth, an authentic way of life awaits you in the midst of captivating nature. During your husky sleigh rides, you will see snow-covered forests and frozen lakes and experience an unreal, magical silence. Enjoy these breathtaking views during your husky tours in Lapland and leave your everyday life behind. The nature of the north cannot be better explored from any other perspective than from a husky sled, as your four-legged companions will lead you into a mystical, otherworldly landscape. Here, you cannot only experience the beautiful wilderness, but also marvel at the fascinating Northern Lights, which dance in the night sky above you. On these wilderness trips, far from civilization and artificial light sources, you have the optimal chance and the best conditions to observe the Polar Lights. So keep your eyes open!

Husky wilderness trips bring back the simple life and let you experience what living in harmony with nature really means. The beauty of the wilderness around you makes up for the lack of typical comforts. The adventurous nature of these expeditions will make your wilderness trip husky tour a very special experience, which you won’t forget that soon. Let your experienced guide provide you with exciting stories about the indigenous people, and learn about the traditional way of life in the far north. Running water or electricity cannot always be guaranteed on tours through the wilderness of the north, but you will be too amazed by the captivating and abundant nature around you to even notice!

In harmony with nature and your husky team

Join your furry friends in an almost forgotten world and building a connection with the dogs that will get stronger every day. During the wilderness dog sledding experience, you will live in harmony with both nature and the sled dogs. You will learn how to handle your own dog team and take care of your four-legged companions. You will love not only the proximity to nature, but also the affectionate interaction with these fascinating animals. Your “own” husky team will be on hand to help you move from one wilderness hut to another, or to a tent camp with a spectacular view. Get to know the different personalities of the sled dogs – an adventurous wilderness trip husky experience will give you the best foundation to build a unique bond with these amazing animals!

For adventurous travel and a unique sense of community

During your time in the north, you will feel how a very special sense of community arises. After all, an adventure like this can only succeed if the group works together and everyone helps out with the daily tasks. It is truly an effort of teamwork that makes an expedition through the snow-covered nature of the north and survival in this polar region possible. Enjoy a special view of the world on your wilderness trip husky experience. It will be one that not many other people have shared. And it will be a true adventure that you will remember for the rest of your life.