Team building at -35°C : A team event in the snow-covered north

Team events and dog sled incentives

Put a stop to boring team events and cramped group games! A dog-sled tour through the impressive expanses of the north is a unique experience and demands the sustainable cohesion from your team in a special way. You'll form a close connection with the animals, nature, and your teammates on a Husky tour. What better incentive could there be for your employees? Read more about team events and dog sled incentives. 

Northern Lights Weekend Finland Northern Lights Weekend Finland, Finland €549,-
Jack London Dog Sledding Tour Jack London Dog Sledding Tour, Sweden €1099,-
Winter Kick Off Winter Kick Off, Finland €1180,-
Icelandic Horse Vacation & Husky Sled Tour in Scandinavia Icelandic Horse Vacation & Husky Sled Tour in Scandinavia, Finland €1199,-
Husky Adventure in Finland Husky Adventure in Finland, Finland €1199,-
Challenging Riding Adventure in Lapland Challenging Riding Adventure in Lapland, Finland €1250,-
Husky Safari Finland Husky Safari Finland, Finland €1299,-
Pallas Ylläs Husky Week Pallas Ylläs Husky Week, Finland €1399,-
Authentic Lapland Culture Week Authentic Lapland Culture Week, Finland €1420,-
Highlights of Scandinavia Dog Sledding Tour Highlights of Scandinavia Dog Sledding Tour, Finland €1439,-
Lapland's wilderness with your own dog sled Lapland's wilderness with your own dog sled, Sweden €1444,-
Authentic Holiday Husky farm adventure in Finland Authentic Holiday Husky farm adventure in Finland, Finland €1450,-
Best of Northern Lights Best of Northern Lights, Finland €1485,-
Wild & Luxury Dog Sledding Wild & Luxury Dog Sledding, Finland €1599,-
Snowmobile adventure in Finland's last wilderness Snowmobile adventure in Finland's last wilderness, Finland €1625,-
Iso Syöte - Weekly Programme Iso Syöte - Weekly Programme, Finland €1699,-
Winter holidays with huskies and reindeer Winter holidays with huskies and reindeer, Finland €1699,-
Best of Lapland Best of Lapland, Finland €1739,-
Husky week in Finland Husky week in Finland, Finland €1769,-
Discover the Wilderness Discover the Wilderness, Finland €1875,-
Comfortable Husky holiday in Finland Comfortable Husky holiday in Finland, Finland €1999,-
Snowmobile and Husky Tour through Lapland Snowmobile and Husky Tour through Lapland, Finland €2975,-
Lapland Expedition Lapland Expedition, Finland €3230,-
Alta Weekend Adventure Alta Weekend Adventure, Norway €888,-
Sami Culture in Norway: Beyond the Beaten Tracks Sami Culture in Norway: Beyond the Beaten Tracks, Norway €1093,-
Dog Sledding Tour Scandinavia Dog Sledding Tour Scandinavia, Sweden €1092,-
Dogsledding adventure and northern lights Dogsledding adventure and northern lights, Sweden €1327,-
Early Winter Training with Huskys Early Winter Training with Huskys, Sweden €1327,-
Husky Safari in Norway Husky Safari in Norway, Norway €1471,-
Christmas special with huskies and reindeers Christmas special with huskies and reindeers, Sweden €1460,-
Arctic Trail Arctic Trail, Sweden €1532,-
Expedition Light in Norway Expedition Light in Norway, Norway €1871,-
Kebnekaise Mountain Tour Kebnekaise Mountain Tour, Sweden €2093,-
Norway Adventure Week Norway Adventure Week, Norway €2197,-
Happy New Year Dogsledding Tour in Lapland Happy New Year Dogsledding Tour in Lapland, Sweden €2246,-
Sámi Land Round Trip Sámi Land Round Trip, Norway €2522,-
Vindelfjällens Sled Dog Expedition Vindelfjällens Sled Dog Expedition, Sweden €2553,-
Tour of the Year Tour of the Year, Norway €3521,-
Individual Husky Expedition in Lapland Individual Husky Expedition in Lapland, Norway €4141,-

Team building in extreme nature with faithful sled dogs

This very special adventure is extremely well suited for groups who spend a lot of time together, have a common goal, and actively work as a team. Over several days, you will live and travel together with the dogs through breathtaking landscapes, and all participants must pull together as one. After just a few hours, a close bond between humans and animals is created, which promotes a unique atmosphere. The indescribable feeling of being in the wild in the company of nature and huskies, plus the absolute freedom of the outdoors creates an environment in which people meet in new ways, get to know each other on a new level, and learn to understand and appreciate one another. Away from the hustle and bustle and anonymity of the cities, each of these team events greatly enhances the happiness and teamspirit of the participants.

A few days or a whole week in the wild

Whether you spend just a few days or an entire week with your colleagues in the snow-covered north, the added value of your husky experience in the untouched nature is sure to be memorable. The shared memories and challenges of the tour can bring a sense of harmony and camaraderie to the group. Team members will get to know each other in a totally new way because they are in such an unfamiliar and extreme environment. Our experience shows that husky tours can lead to extraordinarily enchanced relationships within groups - nothing works without teamwork in the far north, and many participants make new friends on a dog sled tour and the intensive yet fun time together. Even those who never dreamed of it, can discover a new passion and zeal for life in the intense atmosphere of this special event. Providing staff with such an unforgettable experience can have a lasting positive effect on the working atmosphere and motivation of your employees.

Large teams up to 25 people

Our tours are possible for groups of up to 25 people. For individually designed tours, our guests will be accommodated in selected accommodations depending on the size and needs of the group. During the day, various stages will be covered with dogsledding. On the sled one drives through a winter wonderland, always accompanied by the enthusiastic huskies, and the sound of crunching snow underfoot. The nature of the far north offers countless opportunities for further team-building activities, such as snowmobile tours, snowshoeing, cultural experiences, reindeer trips, ice fishing and much more - which can be individually tailored to your team and where everyone has to tackle and collaborate equally.

Please note: The capacities in the far north (places on site and in particular the flight connections) are strictly limited and many partners are already booked out in the summer months for the following season. Especially for groups with more than 4 participants, an early booking is highly recommended. Talk to us and we will advise you in detail.

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