Waterfront Cabin Standard

Price on request
1~6 Persons
Age 4+

The standard waterfront cabins are ideal for families or smaller groups. All of the cabins are located right down on the water’s edge so that you can awake to the relaxing sound of waves gently lapping just a few meters away. The modern cabins are two-story with a spacious and comfortable lounge, a kitchen downstairs, and three bedrooms that can sleep up to 6 guests. The kitchen features a stove, a dishwasher, a coffee machine, a fridge/freezer, all necessary kitchen equipment and a dining area. The cabins have large balconies so that you can appreciate the midnight sun or gaze upon the winter’s northern lights on colder days. If the catering is full board, all meals will be served in the restaurant of the hotel which is within walking distance. Please note that the waterfront standard cabins do not have wi-fi access.

Waterfront Cabin Standard