Photography of the Northern Lights: Stunning memories for eternity

Northern Lights Photography

The most impressive natural phenomenon in the world becomes the highlight of your journey in the far north. The coldest regions of our planet easily impress with white winter wonderland landscapes, and a fascinating night sky. The north promises experiences that you will not forget. To capture the moments for eternity, you should be prepared for the perfect photo.

Northern Lights photography is certainly not easy and vastly depends on the right camera and appropriate settings. Taking a good photograph of the Aurora borealis with a mobile phone is nearly impossible. Thus, it’s best to get started early with a suitable camera and trying out the perfect settings. This is because with the polar temperatures and frozen fingers, it can be difficult to operate and adjust the settings later on. More about taking photographs of the Northern Lights.

With all husky tours that we offer, you will have the best chances to see the Northern Lights. The following trips are specifically designed to observe the Northern Lights:

The best conditions for taking photographs of the Northern Lights

To ensure that the dancing lights are clearly visible in the sky, stay in a place that promises complete darkness. In order to capture the perfect photo of the Northern Lights, for example during your dog sledding Finland adventures, there are a few prerequisites to keep in mind. One of the most important factors is to find an area located in the wilderness outside a town to avoid artificial light pollution and interference. However, that being said, another object in the picture (such as a house or a tree) can really make the photo stand out and illustrates the impressive size of the polar lights. Useful for preparing a photo session on your Northern Lights trip may be local weather reports and Northern Lights forecasts, as they help you to find the right, cloudless place. It is definitely necessary to wear suitable clothing and to take warm drinks with you, as you may have to wait some time for the lights to appear and get the perfect shot. A headlamp with red light is recommended, as it will ease the strain on the eyes. This way, you don’t have to switch between darkness and brightness all the time and can get a better orientation in the dark. Being well prepared gives you the best chances to capture the magical polar lights in the night sky. For your camera, a tripod is an absolute must as you will be photographing in the dark and the exposure time should be long.

Camera settings for taking photographs of the Aurora borealis

It is not easy to take photographs of this beautiful natural phenomenon. The distance to the Northern Lights often plays an important part in Northern Lights photography. So during your Christmas or New Year's husky tour, for example, a close-up glow is much brighter than a polar light in a distance that is far away. So it is all the more important to not lose patience too fast and to experiment with the settings until you have shot the perfect Northern Lights photo. In general, it is recommended to get an overview of your camera’s settings and features in an environment that is brightly lit and to make sure you have the following default settings. It is important to turn off the automatic mode and carry out the settings manually. The following camera settings ensure the best possible results:

• Smallest possible aperture value: usually 2.5 to 3.5
• Exposure time: The longer a photo is exposed, the brighter the image, but it also blurs with increasing exposure time. For Northern Lights that move relatively quickly, the shortest possible exposure time is important. If they are dim, the exposure time should be longer. 10 to 25 seconds should be a good guideline.
• ISO: The darker the sky, the higher the ISO should be. With a lot of snow and brightness, it is advisable to go down a little with the ISO. Guidelines here can be in the range of 1600 to 3200.

The joy of capturing the polar lights successfully, for example during your Lapland husky tour is great. Plus, you can keep the memories of the fascinating Northern Lights forever.

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