Dog Sledding Lulea: An Arctic city on the way to your Husky tour

Lulea an exciting stop en route to your dog sled adventure

Lulea and the surrounding region offer a breathtaking and varied landscape, which gives plenty of opportunities for different activities. Look forward to an exciting selection of winter adventures by rounding off your winter wonderland trip with a stay in Lulea. Lulea makes a great stop en route to your husky tour, or a pleasant stopover on your way home after your dog sledding experience has finished. In and around Lulea.

Husky tours that can be reached from Lulea:

Lulea in Winter: An arctic coastal town with a fantastic ice rink

A visit to the coastal town of Lulea is worthwhile and can be perfectly combined with your husky tour. Whether relaxing or on a cultural break, there's something to suit everyone's tastes here. Explore this beautiful, Arctic city in northern Sweden, and try your hand at ice-skating on the fantastic local rink! Due to its location, it's easy to arrive by plane, train or bus which gives you a lot of room for travel planning. 

Church Village Gammelstad 

A beautiful and unique suburb of Lulea with a historic church that will impress you. In winter, a walk through the snow-covered village is worthwhile. Take a break from everyday life and enjoy the magical Scandinavian flair of this place.

Teknikens Hus

Sweden's northernmost science centre delights guests of all ages. Countless experiences await you, as well as an exhibition on technology and other curiosities. Since 1988, around 4 million people have visited the museum and were not disappointed.


A huge ice rink, which extends around the city and is freshly prepared on a daily basis. Here you will have a variety of options: From a kick-sled experience and fun barbecue areas to Glühweinstand (winter stalls selling warm spiced wine) and ice fishing, there is something for every taste. Here there is even the unique experience in winter of walking on the frozen sea water, where you can even make it out to a small island off the shore and back again!