Dog Sledding Jokkmokk: Visit the culture capital of the Sami people

Jokkmokk as a cultural highlight before your dog sledding experience

The second largest municipality in the country can be found right on the Arctic Circle. Jokkmokk is also referred to as the cultural capital of the Swedish Sami people and houses several studios and exhibitions of local artists and artisans. Get to know the country and its culture during a stopover and immerse yourself in all that is Swedish! In and around Jokkmokk.

Husky tours from Jokkmokk:

Jokkmokk in Winter: Experience the Sami culture in addition to your dog sledding experience

In beautiful surroundings and full of culture, you will be welcomed by the Jokkmokk community. In this region, you will find Europe's largest nature reserve and will be surrounded by breathtaking landscapes. There isn't a better location to get to know the Sami culture than Jokkmokk! Every year in February, the famous   and traditional Winter Market takes place in here, which has been offering Sami products since 1605. You will have the opportunity to visit before or after your dog sled trip. It's centrally located with excellent transport links, making it the perfect detour en route to your Husky tour or after the experience has finished to round off your trip in style!

Ajjte Museum

In the Ajjte Museum, you will find a lifelike and very vivid exhibition on the Sami people and their culture. Immerse yourself in the world of the people of the sun and the wind and leave your everyday life behind for a while. The in-house restaurant offers Sami specialties for you to try.

Jokkmokks Tenn

A pewter manufacturers cultivating the old Sami tradition of tin and silver processing. Perhaps you will find a personal memento to take home amongst the unique products.

Arctic Circle 

The Arctic Circle is in close proximity to Jokkmokk so seize the chance to visit the place where the sun does not rise or fall on the days of the solstice. Capture this unique moment with a photo.