Dog Sledding Ivalo: From 'the gateway to the north' to your personal husky tour

Ivalo Winter Fairytale Dog Sledding Experience

Immerse yourself in your personal winter wonderland and start your journey in Ivalo, the gateway to the north. Even after your husky tour, this is the perfect place to prolong your dream holiday in the far north or relax in breathtaking surroundings. The dog sledding trips Ivalo has to offer are an incredible experience, where you can explore the stunning wintry landscape in the most authentic way possible. For accessibility, Finland's most northerly airport welcomes you warmly and offers both arrival and departure options. In and around Ivalo. 

More Husky Tours From Ivalo:

Ivalo In Winter: Visiting Northern Finland

Be enchanted by the beauty of this area and the town of Ivalo. Nestled in a beautiful landscape, Ivalo has everything to offer that your heart desires for the perfect winter break, and will be the best way to round off your winter holiday. Whether you are planning a few days break for relaxation, or you are looking for a more active holiday in the snow; perhaps you are interested in the native - whatever you like, there will be something here for you! A special kind of magic awaits you when doing dog sled Ivalo tours because according to popular folklore, this land is the home of Santa Claus, which makes it a perfect family vacation! The central location and easy access will make your arrival or departure stress-free because your Husky experience will not be too far away.

Gold Prospector Museum 

The only goldmine museum in Europe attracts enthusiastic gold diggers from all over the world but also guests who are interested in the culture and history of the gold rush. An exhibition about the present and the past allows you to learn more about the history of gold in Lapland, and the world in general.

Siida Sami Museum 

Get interesting insights into the culture and life of the Sami people. Get to know the history, culture, and nature of Northern Lapland with all of your senses. In this place, you can escape the routine of everyday life quickly, and will be delighted by the vivid exhibition.