Dog Sledding Helsinki: Combine your Husky tour with a visit to Helsinki

Visit Helsinki On The Way To Your Dog Sledding Experience

Helsinki is not only worth a visit as the capital of Finland, but also as a diverse metropolis. With its special location by the sea, the city has much to offer and welcomes you with beautiful islands, spacious parks, and a vibrant city center. Explore on foot and enjoy the nature in and around Helsinki. In and around Helsinki.  

Husky Tours From Helsinki:

Helsinki in Winter: The Ideal Stopover For Your Husky Trip

In winter there are many adventure opportunities and activities in Helsinki  , such as skating, tobogganing, and even cross-country skiing. Whether it be the interesting architecture or vibrant nightlife, let yourself be enchanted by the refreshing charm of this capital. The special location and excellent transport connections give you a lot of freedom in planning your trip. Combine arrival or departure with a stay in Helsinki, get ready for your vacation or round off your dog sledding experience in the city by the sea. A good connection between the airport and the city center is available and perfectly tailored to tourists. Talk to us, and we can support you in your planning to make your dream trip come true!

Ateneum: Breathtaking Art Of The North

This art museum is part of the Finnish National Gallery and houses the country's most important art collection. Get to know Finnish art in Finland's most famous museum. A collection that goes back to the 19th century and houses over 5,000 works by well-known artists. 

The Cathedral Of Helsinki

Visit the city's most popular landmark while walking around Helsinki. Just a few steps from the city centre, this church should be at the top of your list. You can not miss the cathedral, with its impressive architecture set starkly against the cityscape in brilliant white. 

Old Market Hall

If you're an avid foodie, you shouldn't miss a visit to the old market hall, where you can find lots of delicious food and traditional dishes. The market is also great for browsing; a cosy ambience awaits you and brings you closer to the Finnish flair.