Dog Sledding Alta: Visit The City Of The Northern Lights

Alta The Stunning City On The Way To Your Dog Sledsing Tour

Take a trip to the city of the Northern Lights and experience the blue season in winter with breathtaking lighting conditions. Despite the northern location, Alta is easily accessible by plane or by land, making it a thoroughly enjoyable detour to add another highlight to your dream trip. Visit Alta before or after your dog sled experience for a magical time. In and around Alta. 

Husky Tours That Can Be Reached From Alta:

Alta in Winter: Visiting The City Of Northern Lights 

Spend an exciting night at the Ice Hotel or get to know the native Sami culture in the largest city of Finnmark. Whether you're a culture or nature lover, this city makes every heart beat a little faster. You can choose between unique activities in the vast Norwegian wilderness or cultural facilities that will take you back in time and bring you closer to the tradition of the local people. A well developed and reliable bus connection will take you to your Husky tour so that you can experience dog sledding, or from there to the city of the Northern Lights. Take the chance and let the benefits of Alta surprise you.

Northern Lights Cathedral 

With a modern and elegant design, the Northern Lights Cathedral blends perfectly into the city of Alta and lives up to its name. You will be impressed by the architecture because the elegantly curved lines are reminiscent of the mysterious northern lights themselves.

Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel

A cultural place of interest and hotel all in one! The Ice Hotel Sorrisniva not only offers you the opportunity to spend the night surrounded by ice and snow but is also an interesting art experience in the far north. Marvel at the hotel, the ice bar, the gallery and the chapel, where around 20 couples are married every year.

Day Trip To The North Cape

If you can spare the time, you should plan a visit to the Nordkaps. Take the chance and visit the northernmost point of Europe! Here the Atlantic and the Arctic Ocean meet and await you a special and unique experience.