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General Information
Basic information related to your business, your activities
and individual highlights

One year Premium
for free
Contact Information
Information like contact details ( address, city, area, country etc.)
Website Link -
Google Maps
Our central map feature and unique way of navigation shows
all providers and products. Nearly everything on heyHusky
is location based and reachable by this interactive way of surfing
Mobile optimised
All of our products are performing well on every common
device including desktop, mobile and tablet sceens
Contact links (website, email, phone) without Newsletter subscription
All users can access your contact data and website directly
Profiles are highlighted visually on map, overview
pages and inside the internal search
Items are elevated on several areas, such as overview pages, listings
and within the internal search function
Logo Picture and Picture Gallery
Enables profile or logo pictures in addition to an unlimited
amount of pictures from your business on your profile picture gallery 
Enables Youtube or MyVideo streaming directly to your profile page
Social Media Links
Allows to add various social media links on your profile
(Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tripadvisor, Instagram, Google+ etc.)
Free of advertisments
No advertising and banners from other providers on your
profile page
Own Domain
Your complete website with dedicated hosting, email addresses,
picture galleries, social media integrations and many more
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Individual Design future proof and mobile compliant
Your own design from scratch according to your preferences
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Advanced Features
E.g. Integration of 3rd party services like CRM tools, payment modules,
enterprise search features or deep social media integrations etc. 
Whatever you require! 
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SEM (Search Engine Marketing) and Landing Pages
Advanced search engine marketing consulting in combination with
landing page and related website optimisations
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