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The Story of heyHusky

As one of the world's leading dog sledding platforms, heyHusky was born out of a passion for dog sledding and northern lights. As a market leader of this industry, we run more than 1,000 successful multi-day tours with Huskies per season. We love to explore the world with these wonderful creatures. For us it's more than just a method of transport that allows you to reach some of the most remote corners of the earth in Alaska, Yukon and Scandinavia. It is a very special experience, where the silence is only interrupted by the sound of the powerful Huskies' paws crunching on the snow. Our goal is to help you create these unique experiences too. You will experience an unforgettable holiday when you glide through breathtaking landscapes, deep snow-covered forests, over frozen marshes, and explore eternally frozen glaciers under the beautiful Northern Lights.

We work with a number of the world's leading organisers of Husky journeys and dog sledding expeditions. We are on the road several times a year, so we know our partners and tours in depth. The safety of both humans and animals is always our top priority, as is quality over quantity with our high-end and carefully curated travel services.

Lisa Diehl
"As an experienced tourism agent, I have travelled to many parts of the world, but no destination fascinates me as much as the far north. While working on a cruise ship, I was able to get to know the exciting Norway and wonderful Sweden. At home I am happy to take in foster dogs from time to time. At heyHusky, I can combine my love for these special animals and travelling in unique nature. You can plan your dream trip with me and I will take care of all your booking questions!"

Elena Beuttner
"I have loved snow since my childhood and for this reason I have always had a strong fascination with the north. After travelling the north I adopted a former sled dog one year ago. Since then, Urban Mushing and Canicross have been among my favourite hobbies. At heyHusky, I take care of the partner network and look forward to making your travel dreams come true!"

Sonja Irani
"As a travel writer and tour guide, I have been to Scandinavia several times. But one of my most memorable trips was a tour to Lapland in February 2017. Back then, I led a husky sled myself and saw the Northern Lights with my own eyes. In 2019-2020, I completed a master’s degree in ‘Tourism Destination Development’ at Dalarna University in Sweden. Since 2021, I have been supporting the team of heyHusky by writing texts for the website and providing customer service."

Milan Erlebach
"My passion for tourism and dogs led me to heyHusky. An experience with huskies in the far north not only appeals to my sense of adventure and the desire to experience something extraordinary, but it also brings one closer to nature. Having a closer relationship with the natural world is very important to me on a personal level, and that’s why it’s great to work for a company that aligns with my own ethics, values, and interests!"

Anna Maria Lösche
“The countries of the north have always had a great fascination for me. My first winter trip to Finnish Lapland had the purest air and the cleanest snow that I have ever seen in my entire life! My time there will always remain in my memory: the whiz of the dog sled through the quiet, endless expanses; the towering snow in the woods, the mystical hills nestled on the horizon, the dancing of the Northern Lights in the sky, and last but not least the extremely friendly people. The far north inspires with unusual experiences! I work in the back office for heyHusky and support the team in bookkeeping."

Alwin Lösche
"From my passion for huskies and internet technology, the company heyHusky was born. From the first contact by e-mail, to phone calls and welcome packs, I'm always there for you. I'm responsible for product development, IT, and marketing. Whether you have any questions about your tour, special requests, or just want to have a nice chat after your trip - feel free to get in touch!"

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