Husky tours with direct flights

Direct flights to your husky tour in the north

Dog sledding tours and husky trips are very special adventures. Therefore, it is all the more important to take full advantage of the free time you have in the north and to avoid losing any time to connecting flights or travelling to and from the airport. Unfortunately, direct flights to some of our more remote locations can be rare and often expensive, with some only operating on certain days of the week and from selected airports to a few destinations in the north. So, to help you to find your dream trip, we have put together an overview of all our tour options that can be accessed with direct flights. More about direct flights to your husky tour.

These tours can be reached by direct flights:


We will find you rare direct flights

Direct flights to the north can be rare, which can sometimes make the organisation of your journey a little more difficult. Lack of affordable air connections can quickly become an obstacle. We are your best partner for direct flights to the most remote places in the world. With its breathtaking beauty, the north attracts more and more travellers to try winter wilderness trips. However, the popular destinations are not overcrowded yet and husky tours are offered to you as a unique adventure. Anyone who has visited the north before knows that a lot of time can be lost simply for getting to your destination, often due to complicated flight connections. In order to make your journey as pleasant as possible from the very first second, we are at your disposal for any questions concerning your personal adventure. In addition, we offer you a special flight service because we know from experience and continuous search how to find the best connections and those elusive direct flights.

More time on your husky tour thanks to direct flights

It is very important to us that you start your adventure in the best way possible and that your journey is uncomplicated and direct so that you get more time on your husky adventure tour. Spend your precious time with true adventures on the husky sled in the wilderness, not with annoying transfer connections. We respect your free time, especially if you have planned a dog sledding weekend, and are always looking for new direct flights and the best air connections for your dream trip. We constantly check different days of the week and airlines for the best deals, so there is often the possibility to take advantage of small changes, such as an additional day, to get direct flights. Talk to us so that we can tailor some travel plans to best suit you and find you the best deals!

Pure relaxation at any time on your journey

Getting a good rest should not be neglected on any trip – after all, this is your holiday! A husky safari through the wilderness of the north is one of the best ways to explore the stunning surroundings. Enjoy the mysterious nature, breathtaking landscapes and the fascinating bond with your husky team. A quick and easy journey by direct flight will help making your tour a very special experience that you can truly enjoy throughout your trip. We are happy to help and point out all the options available for direct flights.