Husky tours for singles without additional costs: Fantastic atmosphere on dog sleds

Dog sledding holidays for singles and solo travelers

You would like to travel by yourself without paying a single room supplement? heyHusky offers you specially tailored travel experiences in the far north without any hidden costs. Get in touch with other travelers easier and combine fantastic husky tours with exciting sightseeing and intriguing activities. Enjoy a magical husky holiday in a friendly atmosphere with a small group of 4 - 8 people. Read more about dog sledding holidays for single travelers.

Husky singles trip without additional costs

Experience a unique feeling of freedom on our Camp to Camp tours. Spend the days in the middle of the Arctic wilderness on the runners of your dog sled and the nights together with your small travel group in rustic and cozy wilderness cabins. As a single traveler there are no additional costs for you.

Star-shaped husky trips with an option to share a double room

From your comfortable accommodation, you will discover stunning landscapes on individual tours. As a solo traveler, you can share a room furnished with two single beds with another traveler of the same sex. This will be at no additional cost for you. Our “Star-shaped tours” provide you with the comfort of a base that you will return to every evening. You will go out on multiple excursions to the most different places during the days with the comfort of a warm and cozy room waiting for you when you return to the husky camp.

Comfortable single trips in shared accommodations at no extra cost

Winter Wilderness Adventure – From fascinating husky tours to breathtaking winter safaris, you’ll experience a whole range of exciting activities. On our winter wilderness trips, the nights will be spent as a group in rustic guest houses and/or authentic wilderness cabins. As a solo traveler, you have no additional costs and will have the possibility to share this incomparable experience with other like-minded adventurers.

Husky tour for singles: Quick and easy connection

Most Siberian husky tours in Lapland do not require any previous experience in handling huskies or dog sledges. Normal fitness levels and a keen curiosity for a unique experience are completely sufficient. Our experienced guides teach you how to handle the sledges and care for the dogs. Soon, you will be able to make your first tour through the magnificent landscape. Adventurous husky tours alternate with breaks, in which you can visit a sauna or try your luck at ice-fishing. If you want to or have to travel alone, you will quickly get to know the other members of the group on a husky tour and become a close-knit friendship circle! Working with the dogs and sledges is quite an informal, natural, and fun way to connect with your fellow travellers. Together, you will have the dog sledding adventure of your life in the deep and snowy north. A tour on a husky sled is the perfect way to forget about stress and everyday life. Leave civilisation and all the the hustle and bustle that comes with that behind for a while. With the sled, you will glide silently through an enchanting landscape. The only sound will be the crunching of the skids on the snow and the occasional barking of the dogs.

More immersion in nature is hardly possible

Even if you’ve never ridden a sled before and have only seen huskies from a distance, you’ll quickly find these powerful dogs will have a special place in your heart. Learning how to use the sledge is not that difficult, and our experienced guides will be there to help you. After exercising in the great outdoors, you will get to return to your comfortable and cosy accommodation. There are numerous opportunities for relaxation and recreation available. You have the choice between short trips, for which you only have to plan a long weekend, and longer tours for a week or more.
Those who are very fit physically, can opt for even more demanding tours, for example a 7-day mountain tour. No previous experience in driving with sled dogs is required for most of our tours, but you have to have the willingness and the physical ability to participate in the daily work around dogs and sleds. These trips take place in small, intimate groups and are aimed at all those who do not necessarily need great comfort. This is because on the overnight stays of these tours, there are usually only simple cabins available.

Husky tours from hut-to-hut are cheaper for single travellers

If you want to book a husky tour as an individual but you’re on a budget, we recommend a tour from hut-to-hut, because in many cases you do not have to pay a single person supplement. The wilderness accommodations are very simple. Most of the time, you will stay in double beds inside an accommodation for a small tour group. These are at no extra charge for you. Of course, you can also choose a “star-shaped” husky tour with more comfortable accommodation and occupy a double room for a surcharge. Talk to us and we will advise you in detail of what would be best choice for you.