Dog Sledding Rovaniemi: Your personal winter wonderland

Rovaniemi a wonderful winter break dog sledding with Huskies

A wonderful winter break awaits you in Rovaniemi, as you get to experience your own personal Christmas fairytale. A special kind of magic hangs in the clear cold air here, because this is the hometown of Santa Claus. Every day of the year is Christmas here, and you have the opportunity to visit Santa in this magical place any time you wish! Whether before or after your Husky tour: a visit is worthwhile and will complete your adventure in the far north. Explore wintry landscapes by dog sled and see Santa's reindeer up close. In and around Rovaniemi. 

Other tours that can be reached from Rovaniemi:

Rovaniemi in Winter: Making Magical Christmas Memories

A city that will enchant you with its Christmas charm all year round, make magical Christmas memories in Lapland! As well as the sheer joy of visiting Santa for the little ones, the capital of Finnish Lapland also has a number of great museums to explore and is located right on the Arctic Circle, which is great for stunning winter landscapes. The art museum of this city is the northernmost art museum of regional art in Europe. Whether you are an art lover or nature lover - there is something for everyone to enjoy! Along the river and throughout the city there are a total of 70 shelters, which can be used by everyone. Firewood is provided by the state so you can have a relaxed stopover and enjoy your break by an open fire. Extend your dream trip and make your arrival or departure as pleasant as possible with a stay in Rovaniemi.

Home of Santa Claus

In 1985, Santa Claus moved from his original, secret home to Rovaniemi to open his office. The city in 2010 received the status of the official hometown of Santa Claus and now boasts some 50 attractions that feel like a Christmas fairytale come true!

The Arktikum

The Arktikum in Rovaniemi is a museum, science center and attraction all in one. With vivid and interesting exhibitions, The Arktikum is a popular cultural destination where you can learn all about the native culture and history of the country as well as about daily life in the Arctic Circle.


A museum and science center of a special kind, where you can discover the forest in the north and how you are connected to it. Interactive exhibitions appeal to all the senses and are suitable for all ages, making it a great fun family day out!