Dog Sledding Arvidsjaur: Explore auto industry hub on the way to your Husky tour

Arvidsjaur Fun Activities Before Your Husky Tour

A place that became known for it's booming auto industry and welcomes you with many fun winter activities. Get in the mood for your dog sled experience in Arvidsjaur, making your arrival or departure as pleasant as possible with an exciting stopover. From Germany, the city can be effortlessly reached by direct flight and offers a central location from which you can easily reach other tours. This is the perfect opportunity to extend your dream trip or to bridge any waiting times before your husky tour begins or after it finishes. In and around Arvidsjaur. 

Husky tours that can be reached from Arvidsjaur:

Arvidsjaur in Winter: Discover Swedish Lapland with lots of engine power!

Look forward to a dreamy, snow-covered Arvidsjaur and the many activities it has to offer. Get the chance to explore nature, relax in stylish wellness facilities, and much more! This region is famous for breathtaking snowmobile tours so let yourself be enchanted and enjoy a fast ride through the landscape of Swedish Lapland. The beauty of its captivating nature awaits you and will bring you plenty of indescribable moments.


Take a step back in time to Lappstaden — a settlement of about 30 well-preserved wooden houses and 50 storage sheds from the 17th century. Visit this traditional place and immerse yourself in the world of the Sami people.

Church of Arvidsjaur

The church of Arvidsjaur welcomes you in the traditional Scandinavian way and enchants every visitor with its beauty. A place that should not be missed on your winter walk when staying in this part of the country!

Car experience on the ice

Arvidsjaur is of great importance to the auto industry and is known for its fast-paced rides on the frozen lakes. Get your adrenaline rush with one of the fast cars and experience an exhilarating ride of a lifetime!