Winter holidays Scandinavia: Experience Finland, Sweden and Norway in the deep of winter

Winter Holidays Lapland 2022-2023

Deep snow landscapes and magical nature are waiting to be discovered by you from several different perspectives. With winter holidays in Lapland, there is something for everyone! In addition to the popular husky tours, you will be offered snowmobile tours, traditional ice fishing, reindeer farm visits and many other exciting activities. Sauna and a chance to see the Northern Lights included! More about our winter holidays 2022-2023 in the far north.

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Winter holidays in deep snow: Discovering the north from different perspectives

There are many different activities that you can enjoy during your winter holidays in Lapland. There is something for everyone – you can be active, relax, get to know a new culture or observe the native animals. The most beautiful experiences have already been put together for you in various packages! Furthermore, there are great offers and a family-friendly programme for dog sledding with kids. Talk to us, we are happy to assist you in finding your perfect dream trip! The selection is wide and ranges from Northern Lights safaris in the evening to active trips hiking through nature in snowshoes, or even rapid snowmobile rides through the wilderness. 

For every age group and every taste – a winter holiday as it should be

Take the chance and take your whole family to get to know the culture of the local people or to learn more about the traditional means of transport. The north has a lot to offer for every age group and every interest. Your children will feel right at home in the deep snow and enjoy the northern winter to the fullest. Many of our travel packages are designed with young and old in mind and include activities that the whole family can enjoy. These are not day trips, but short excursions into the wilderness. This is done to ensure the safety of all and to not expose younger or older family members to the extreme cold for too long. This way you can fully enjoy your time in this special place. Everything is thought of and your wellbeing comes first. During the Christmas season, special experiences such as a visit from Father Christmas are offered to see the children’s eyes sparkle! Our Christmas trips will make the end of your year something very special. However, the rest of the year also offers a perfect combination of action and relaxation. These mixed tours make the most of your free time! Here, even the most exciting programme usually leaves you with half a day or even a whole day at your disposal, so that you can fully enjoy your holiday. You have the opportunity to pursue your interests and design your stay individually. Here you can quickly escape your everyday life and immerse yourself in another world.

Exciting activities by day and night

No matter what time of day you step outside the door, the beauty of the north is sure to enchant and delight you! A glistening blanket of snow stretches across the country and by daylight you will be amazed by majestic landscapes and wild, untouched nature. Frozen lakes and marshlands as well as deeply snow-covered forests offer you the perfect place for outdoor activities such as dog sledding tours or snowmobile safaris. You will discover the impressive nature from different perspectives during the day. But stepping outside at night will also be worthwhile. With a little luck and a clear night sky, you will catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights. In the far north, this natural spectacle is on permanent display. On our Northern lights trips, all you have to do is to step into the darkness just a few metres from the hotel and marvel at the dancing lights in the sky. In addition, many unique activities, such as a ride on a reindeer sleigh at night, are offered to give you an even better chance of seeing the famous Northern Lights. On the one hand, you’ll spend even more time outdoors, and on the other, you’ll be able to visit particularly dark places, far away from artificial light sources. Your guides will take you to the best viewpoints to enjoy the Northern Lights even more. Exciting and varied days in the snow are followed by magical nights, hopefully adorned by the most beautiful Northern Lights.

Pure relaxation and Scandinavian cosiness

In addition to adventurous excursions, relaxation and wellness await you during your winter holiday 2022/2023 – far away from the hustle and bustle of the big cities. Traditionally, the sauna is an integral part of almost every trip. What could be better than relaxing and warming up in a hot sauna after an exciting day in polar temperatures? It will provide you with the perfect balance to the adventures and lets you relax. This way you can review the day and let it come to an end. Scandinavian cosiness can be found around every corner – traditional log cabins and open fires will make your stay original. This is the perfect place to get away from it all and immerse yourself in a natural and dreamlike world.

The most charming activities of the far north

Scandinavia has countless and varied activities to offer. The wild and beautiful nature can be admired and explored from different perspectives. You can take it easy, for example on a reindeer sleigh, or go really fast on a snowmobile. On a trip to a reindeer farm, you usually have the opportunity to get very close to the animals and even feed them. As reindeer husbandry is a tradition of the Sami, the indigenous people of Lapland, you will also learn about the cultural background and often hear intriguing stories of the Sami people. A snowmobile safari is a must for adrenalin seekers on any winter holiday: at high speed, you go deep into the wilderness and drive along frozen lakes and through forests covered deep in snow. The stunning landscape passes you by – an adrenaline-filled experience by day and by night! And of course, a dog sled tour is a must on your winter holiday 2022/2023. Experience the fascinating animals and let them pull you through the silence of the wilderness on a sledge. Other traditional leisure activities, such as ice fishing or snowshoeing, make your dream holiday complete.

Scandinavia captivates with its beauty, untouched nature, good food, magical Northern Lights and impressive culture. You will remember this winter trip for a long time and look back fondly on the wonderful experiences. Feel the magic of the north with your whole family.

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