With the Snowmobile to the Husky Tour

Average Fitness
Age 5+

The safari starts from the Hotel Iso Syöte with the snowmobiles and goes to the husky farm, where the huskies will be eagerly awaiting their new visitors. After the introduction to the dog sled, you can step on to the runners and get ready for an adventure! The safari route leads 6 km through snow-covered forests and over ice-covered swamps in the Syöte region. There will be stops to change drivers (as the sleds are shared between two people) and opportunities take photos. On this excursion, you can enjoy the incredible landscape of the far north from a very different perspective. Experience an adrenaline-pumping snowmobile ride followed by an enjoyable excursion with a team of lovable huskies. If this is your first ever time dog sledding, you are in for a real treat! The entire excursion takes about 3 hours. Two people will share a snowmobile and a dog sled, driving in tandem. You can drive your own snowmobile for an additional fee of € 40 per person.

With the Snowmobile to the Husky Tour