The heyHusky Northern Light Package

heyHusky has a very special surprise package in store for customers! Each booking will receive the heyHusky Northern Light package – consisting of high-quality woolly hats, the unique book "Fit for Huskies?", the heyHusky Northern Lights Guide and a high-quality Whitewall poster free of charge.

The popular Nordlicht package contains these high-quality gifts:

  • 1x Icebreaker Merino woolly hat per person
  • 1x book "Fit for Huskies?"
  • 1x heyHusky Northern Lights Guide


icebreaker Merino Mütze inklusiveThe Icebreaker Merino cap

The Icebreaker Merino hat is made from 100% wool and is an extremely versatile headgear that fits into every bag, and can therefore be carried anywhere. Each participant will receive a hat with a value of €30. It offers the ideal protection for outdoor activities such as skiing, sports or for a dog sledding tour. The attractive cap is breathable and so small that it fits in almost any trouser pocket. It is easy to clean and machine washable. The odour-resistant material does not itch and is especially suitable for allergy sufferers. The snug fit makes it a real eye-catcher. It can also be used under a helmet or other similar headgear. 


Fit for Huskies? The perfect book for beginners & husky lovers

Next, look forward to the book "Fit for Huskies?", which was published in this edition exclusively for heyHusky customers. Why doesn't the dog on the cover have blue eyes? Is that even a Husky? These and many other questions are answered in the book "Fit for Huskies?" by Kerstin Pöller and Andreas Barth, our partners from "Spuren im Schnee" in Sweden. On 120 pages, all facets of this fascinating adventure are explained and described to you in a humorous way and with many pictures. With these valuable holiday tips for two-legged friends, you are ideally prepared for an exciting and safe trip to the deep snowy north. You will receive one copy per booking.

fit for huskies guide

heyHusky Northern Lights Guide

Also exclusively for heyHusky customers, you will receive our Northern Lights Guide with all the important information about this impressive natural phenomenon.

See the Northern Lights once in your life! With our Northern Lights Guide you will receive everything you need to know about this impressive natural spectacle. What colours, at what time, in what shapes and what did people think about them in the past? No questions remain unanswered! In addition, you will find practical tips on how to photograph the Northern Lights yourself. Together with your photo poster, this will be an unforgettable memory of your time in the North.