The heyHusky Northern Light Package

The customers of heyHusky await a very special surprise package. Each booking receives the valuable heyHusky northern light package; consisting of high-quality woollen caps, a renowned travel guide of lonely planet and a high-quality whitewall poster.

The popular Nordlicht package contains these high-quality gifts:

  • 1x Icebreaker Merino cap per person
  • 1x lonely planet travel guide for each region
  • 1x personal Whitewall Poster (approx. 60x40cm) after the trip


icebreaker Merino Mütze inklusiveThe Icebreaker Merino cap

The Icebreaker Merino hat made from 100% wool is an extremely versatile headgear that fits into every bag, and can therefore be carried everywhere. Each participant will receive a hat with a value of € 30, - It offers the ideal protection for outdoor activities such as skiing, sports or for a dog sledding tour. The attractive cap is breathable and so small that it fits even in almost every trouser pocket. It is easy to clean and machine washable. The odour-resistant material does not itch and is especially suitable for allergy sufferers. The snug fit makes it a real eye-catcher. It can also be used under a helmet or other alike headgear. 


The lonely planet travel guide

Next, heyHusky offers its customers one of the most popular travel guides of the series lonely planet. The books, which have been some of the bestsellers since 1973, are a valuable aid in the travel planning. They also take into account regions away from mass tourism. Today, lonely planet is the world's largest publisher of independent travel. The guides enjoy an excellent reputation, thanks to a meticulous search and over 150 authors who constantly make a personal impression on the current events in the world. Especially for travellers who want to spend their holidays far away from their beds, the travel guide of lonely planet is a must.

lonely planet travel guide inclusive


Lonely planet travel guide for Finland
The travel guide for Finland is currently only available in English. However, all the guides of lonely planet are written in a a way that is easy to understand. Over 50 maps are available, some in colour and a whole lot of insider tips and detailed descriptions of cultural highlights. This gives interest and extensive insight into the life in Finland.

Lonely planet travel guide for Sweden
This guide reveals to its readers over 1000 tips on hotels, restaurants, tours and the unique nature. For the husky journey to Sweden he leaves nothing to chance. Special attention is paid to the traditional craftsmanship of Sweden and the arts. Numerous maps, valuable hints for outdoor adventurers, insider tips and a whole lot of background information make the lonely planet Sweden a perfect companion.

Lonely planet travel guide for Norway
In its latest edition, the iconic travel guide about Norway offers an important and comprehensive guide, especially for individual travellers. Stunning fjords, mighty glaciers and endless forests are described here; as well as the Northern Cape and the legendary Midnight Sun. A special focus is also on the culinary delights of the country. Numerous maps and valuable insider tips complete the guide.

Lonely planet travel guide for Alaska
Alaska is the dream of many who seek seclusion and solitude in harmony with a unique (albeit cold) nature. For individual travellers, it is not easy to get reliable information about this stunning state. Even the back most pubs in Alaska have tracked down the authors and made the entire experience accessible to the reader. Over 35 partly coloured cards round off this concentrated collection of information.

Lonely planet travel guide for Canada
On over 1000 pages, the travel guide provides all the information for an individual journey to this wonderful country. All regions of Canada including Yukon are described in detail. Those who prefer to spend their holidays in one of the most fascinating cities like Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver or Quebec will also find detailed information about cultural highlights, and the right place to sleep and eat.

Lonely planet travel guide for Iceland
This guide offers more than 400 pages of fascinating insights into the mysterious land of glaciers and geysers. The authors have very compactly summarised their concentrated knowledge about the culture and the highlights of Iceland. The book provides extensive information about the stunning national parks, as well as the seemingly endless expanses of the harsher landscapes. Also, when booking a dog sled tour in Greenland, you will get this high-quality travel guide.


Whitewall Poster inklusiveWhitewall Posters including Free Whitewall posters

As a special thank you, the customers of heyHusky receive a high-quality Whitwall poster from a photo of their choice on the house. The so-called UV Art Print with its 6-colour printing technology provides a brilliant result even with large formats. The posters are printed on high-white and resistant UV photo paper. They are characterised by the finest tonal gradations and fascinating saturated colours. Afterwards, you can send us your favourite photo of the trip and you will get the poster free.