heyHusky Adopt a Husky Program: Help Today & Travel Later

It's urgent. In the far north, small businesses such as Husky farms are facing an unprecedented problem, which is due to reach its peak in the winter of 2020-2021. Unfortunately, these businesses have been hit very hard by the corona pandemic, and the associated travel restrictions have caused some businesses in the industry to face a loss of up to 100%. The existence of many husky farms, their employees, and the fate of several thousand sled dogs are threatened. We can all do our bit to help, so at HeyHusky we would like to offer you the option of supporting these beautiful creatures and lovely people. By offsetting a partial or full amount of your next desired trip, you can donate today and receive redeemable vouchers to use at a later date with the related partner you choose to sponsor. Sponsorship dontionations go towards food, medicine, and supplies for dogs and other animals. See below for sponsorship options:


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Follow the and find participating partners and their tours in Lapland and Canada. In addition, all participating providers are listed on this page (linked to available tours).

A) 1 month 35,-
b) 2 months 70,-
C) 6 months 210,-
D) 12 months 420,-
Food, medicine, and supplies for one dog.

100% of the money goes to the animals. We will send you a certificate with a dedication upon request. From sponsorship C, we will also provide you with the exclusive book Fit for Huskies? free of charge. With the adoption of the huskies of your choice, you will receive a discount voucher for a certain amount, redeemable when booking a package tour from heyHusky with a stay with the same provider.


Support Torvi, Reece, Ice and other huskies at Fjällspirit Adventures with a sponsorship

Fjälsspirit Adventures, Sweden
13 dogs

Very small family Business that offers unique and adventurous experiences in the wild Swedish nature.  

100% voucher

Support Torvi, Reece, Ice and co

is a snowball that always fool around. Is very strong and can prove himself as a leaddog.

with its big ears reminds of a desert fox. She also likes to break out of her shelter, but luckily she does not leave the large exercise area.

Small but powerful, she has her siblings firmly under control. Has what it takes to be a lead dog


Support Sonja, Wombat, Frosty, and more than 450 huskies at Harriniva

Destination: Harriniva, Finnland
Over 450 dogs

Offers a wide range of accommodation and activities with and without modern comforts; multi-day wilderness tours, Northern Lights tours, and short weekend trips. Tours suitable for ages 4 years old and upwards. Show all tours 50% voucher redeemable.

50% voucher

Support Sonja, Wombat, Frosty and Co

is a 1.5 years old promising young lead dog who enchants everyone with her beautiful brown eyes.

is 7 months old and a lovable little troublemaker who adores attention and wants to prove what he can do this winter.

at 10 years old, is an older gentleman who likes to hide his age. He’s an experienced lead dog who likes to stick his tongue out a lot.


Support Ipana, Mini, Riitu and all the other huskies at Vuokatti Husky

Vuokatti, Finnland
85 dogs

Vuokatti Safaris & Hotels offers very inexpensive mixed tours with huskies and the other beauties of the far north. Find all Huskytours and packages.

50% voucher

Support Ipana, Mini, Riitu and co

is a 7 year old Alaskan Husky who is easily recognised by her unique colouring and beautiful eyes. She is an independent dog who does not make herself the centre of attention, but still enjoys cuddles. Ipana is one of our most trusted dogs who gets along with everyone and can work in any team.

Mini is a 3 year old Alaskan Husky who was named for being the smallest puppy of the litter. Since then he has grown up to be the biggest one! Mini is a young and smart dog, and in addition to working, he likes activities where he needs to do some thinking.

Rittu is a 3 month old Alaskan Husky from our latest litter, Riitu is the calmest, largest, and has the best appetite! As she is still a baby, her job is to eat, sleep, and play. She is a curious puppy who loves exploring the surrounding world daily.


Support Dempster, Sleepy, Mango, and all other huskies at Sky High Wilderness

Sky High Wilderness, Yukon Kanada
100 dogs

Sky High Wilderness offers wonderful husky tours in the wild Yukon. All tours at Sky High.

100% voucher

Support Dempster, Sleepy, Mango and co

is 7 years old, and is part of the highway litter so he is named after the Dempster Highway. He’s a powerful wheel dog; king of the kennel, and the Sofa! He loves adventure - canoeing, camping, hiking, and more! He prefers to run with his brothers Klondike and Alcan.

is 7 years old and named after one of the 7 Dwarfs. He’s very serious about his job and does not fool around when pulling a sled. The opposite is true when he's not running on a team - he loves his hugs and cuddles and loves all humans! He knows he's good looking and likes everyone to notice it!

is 5 years old and from the Fruit litter. He’s super hyper and excitable, and loves giving surprise head bonks to his humans! At the moment he’s fully embracing his youth and sometimes still acting like a puppy. He likes to work hard and play hard, so while he’s a very hard worker when he needs to be, when you want some fun - he's your husky!


Support Mauja, Yura, Erämaa and all the other huskies at Siperia

Siperia, Finnland
25 dogs

A very small and special husky farm. Alex and Tinja live without electricity and running water themselves! Real adventure tours! Find your Siperia Tour here.

50% voucher

Support Mauja, Yura, Erämaa and co

is a 5 year old female Alaskan Husky. She’s our main leader, and her name means "deep soft snow" in the local Inuit language. She is an amazing sled dog, a super girl who just flys! Running is her greatest joy and she shares her passion and mind power for the whole sled dog team and makes the team invincible. Mauja is also our best friend who is always free and follows us everywhere, except the moment when she is pulling the sledge, that is the moment when we are following her! Mauja is the first dog you would immediately meet when visiting us, and she will probably give you a lovely welcome hug.

is a super sweet and lovely 2 years old Alaskan Husky female. She stays 100% close and truly loves people. Her family comes straight from Alaska, from the world's best sled dog lines. Her name means "the one who is beautiful" and she really is a beauty! We are so grateful to have her lovely personality around us every day. She is so happy. As a sled dog, she is a young girl who is still learning and runs as a team. She loves to run alongside her brother Nilaq.

is a 3 year old Alaskan Husky male, whose name means "wilderness". It suits him perfectly, as he is a little wild himself, although also peaceful and strong! Erämaa is a super good looking man and runs as a wheel dog. Erämaa teaches us all about the beauty of nature, how to respect it, and how we can take the best care of our environment.




  • Due to the fact that we are not a non-profit registered company or operating charity, please note that we cannot issue “donation receipts”. Instead, a discount voucher for the amount advertised will be issued for each donation.
  • The discount voucher must be redeemed within 2 years of creation by the end of March 2023 season via heyHusky with the provider concerned and will be charged accordingly.
  • A cash payment of the discount voucher is excluded.
  • The discount voucher cannot be used on other providers or trips, but can be transferred to another person.