heyHusky Affiliate Program for Travel Agents & Webmasters

Earn money with husky trips and dog sled tours with the heyHusky Affiliate Program!

We offer a large selection of high-priced dog sled tours and husky trips.
heyHusky offers a very large selection of tours in Lapland, Canada & Alaska.
  Our affiliate program offers a 4-6% commission per sale
When booking, depending on the product, you will receive a 4-6% commission based on the on-site travel cost (flight bookings and Greenland trips are excluded from the affiliate program.)
  We offer payouts of up to €300 per booking
Benefit from our high-priced offers and earn up to € 300.
  6 month cookie retention
Users who come to us through your affiliate link have 6 months to decide on a trip. You will receive a commission if they decide to book at any time during this period.
  Personal contact and support
If you have any questions or comments regarding the heyHusky Affiliate Program, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Please find our general conditions & guidelines below, and contact us if you are interested in this opportunity.
SEO keyword advertising of our products is not allowed.
No brand usage: offering bookings under the brand names of heyHusky or our competing brands including misstatements, references to the brands or our domains is prohibited. It is not permitted to use the trademarks in the title, ad text or as part of the display URL. Direct linking to heyHusky is also not allowed.
We do not offer any price incentives, discounts, or promo codes.
Iframe integration of the heyHusky website and post-view publishing are not allowed.
You may not use the affiliate program for personal orders.