Frequently asked questions & answers

When is the best time to see the Northern Lights aka Aurora Borealis?

Aurora Borealis occurs mostly in the Northern parts of Scandinavia, Canada, Alaska, Greenland and Iceland, as well as Northern Siberia. Within these regions, it can be seen at the edge of the polar light, this can happen almost every day. However, whether or not, or how well Polaris can be seen is dependent on the season and the actual weather conditions. Between the middle of April and the end of August, the sun is not completely submerged to the North of the 60th latitude, which makes the sight much more difficult to see. On the other hand, the entire winter half of the year is generally suitable for experiencing the view of the Northern Lights. Statistics show, however, that Northern Lights are brightest, and occur more frequently in the period from February to March.
In order to provide the best chances for seeing the Northern Lights, you should consider the following: The destination should preferably be in the area of ​​the polar circle, which is the case with most sellers of husky trips
• You have the best chances of seeing particularly spectacular Northern Lights in February and March
• The duration of your trip should not be too short

How is the weather, and what temperatures should I be prepared for?

The weather can be very variable during your trip, temperatures can vary greatly..
• Temperatures from a few degrees above zero to -40 degrees are possible. This also applies to the "warm" months of February to April. Even if the average temperatures are higher, it can become very cold here too!
• In many regions, snow storms and heavy snowfall are possible.

Why are dates shown as available that may not be bookable?

In short, in most cases, we do not receive real-time information on whether a date has been booked or if a date has become available again (e.g., through cancellation). In this travel industry, there are no automatic booking systems and interfaces, so over 1000 dates per year need to be manually checked and kept as up-to-date as possible on the website. We only receive updates from our local partners irregularly and in many cases, we have to actively inquire and wait for a response for up to 24 hours. We only have guaranteed availability in the case of allotments, contingents (usually expiring 90 days before the travel date), and ad hoc options (a few days). In the high season, when it comes down to the last spots, practically all data needs to be checked and validated.

Currently, there are 4 display variations of availability:

  • Fully booked (with waiting list function)
  • Good booking chances. More than 4 available spots reported last. Display may vary.
  • Last spots! Less than 4 available spots reported last. Display may vary.
  • Optional date. Minimum group size required. Exact travel date may vary.

All categories have some uncertainty and can deviate significantly from the actual availability. This can result in us marking dates as sold out even though they have become available again, for example, through cancellation. It can also happen that we mark a date as bookable, but it is subject to certain conditions and the number of participants. For example, remaining larger cabins cannot be booked by individuals or couples, and remaining single rooms are not available for groups. Other optional dates can be "newly opened" but require a higher minimum number of participants.

How can you best plan your dream trip to the North?

  1. Inquire about your desired trip or trips through our website.
  2. Share your entire possible travel period with us.
  3. Provide the desired departure airport and more detailed information about the travelers (Special requests, ages of children, any limitations).

Then we will begin the joint process of finding the ideal trip for you. We will consider the appropriate tour, on-site availability, as well as suitable flights and price.

When is the best time to go dog sledding?

Husky tours and dog sledding tours can be done on sleds as soon as there is enough snow and the lakes are permanently frozen. Wilderness tours from camp to camp require good conditions over longer distances. Looking back over the past few years, this is the case in most regions of Scandinavia and North America from the first or second week of December. Looking back, there were also years we are already gone dog sledging from mid-November, but due to climate change, the start of the season is slowly shifting back with the increased risk of a lack of snow. If there are general weather-related restrictions on the tour (too little snow, but also too much snow), we go to higher altitudes with more snow or, as far as possible, compensate with an alternative program. The detailed alternative program depends very much on the individual region and the current weather conditions. You can find more information about this in more detail in your tour description. At the end of the season from the beginning of April it can start to thaw with very regular plus temperatures during the day, but due to significant minus temperatures at night it usually takes until May for the snow to melt.

Flight booking via heyHusky

Looking for flights to Scandinavia, North America and Greenland can be complex and very time-intensive. We can take responsibility of the flight booking for a fee of € 35 per person, and ensure that all details are correct for you to travel safely and comfortably.
Our flight service includes:
• Direct flights. We know the best routes for direct flights.
• Special flight routes in very remote areas (Norway, Greenland, etc.)
• Special requests for flight times, tariffs, and cancellation options.
• Special requests for flight times, tariffs, and cancellation options.

Can I book the flights myself?

At heyHusky, you can book the flights yourself at any time, or take advantage of our service. Sometimes, the companies in the far North can only be reached by at specific flight times. Often, a further overnight stay in one of the cities is necessary in order to be on time in time for the transfer. Please note this information if you want to book the flights yourself:

• Book flights only after you have received a receipt of the official booking confirmation from heyHusky. This is the only way to guarantee the availability of your local tour. (The availability indicator on heyHusky may differ from some of our partners!)
• Many partners only organise a certain transfer from/ to the airport. Many airports are very small and can close partly between the individual flights, so you won’t always be able to wait at the airport.
• Please note that you must have1 standard bag included or your trip. Many of the cheap flight booking websites only offer fares with hand luggage included, which is not enough for a trip to the deep snowy north.

I have no booking confirmation. Will I get a ticket?

The heyHusky booking confirmation (equivalent to a ticket) will be sent to you within a few hours via e-mail, after successfully booking. If the booking confirmation is not in your e-mails, please:
• Search for "booking confirmation" using the search function in your mailbox
• Check whether the confirmation of booking has been incorrectly moved to your spam folder
• Please contact us at any time if you have any questions

What travel documents do I receive? What form are they in, and when will I receive them?

The necessary information and documents for your trip can be obtained by e-mail and by post at different times:
Shortly after booking via e-mail: booking confirmation, flight information and flight tickets as e-ticket in PDF format, information on clothing and equipment as well as entry requirements, visa, customs regulations and further information on prior travel.
Approximately 1-2 weeks prior o arrival by post: The heyHusky Northern Lights information package (The poster will be sent to you after the trip).
About 7 days prior vor to travel via e-mail: Last information and contact details of the partner company without delay.

What is the deposit and when is the balance due?

• The detailed information regarding payment and accepted methods of payment can be found in our payment terms.

Where are my flight tickets and how do I check in?

Your flight tickets (are e-tickets in PDF format) are sent to you shortly after the booking, together with the necessary flight information via e-mail.
• This means you only have to check in with the airline either online, or directly at the airport and to get your boarding pass.
• Whether online, or at the airport, you will be able to access the email entitled "Flight documents”.

What if I get sick? Do I have a travel cancellation insurance?

• The travel price does not include travel cancellation insurance.
• The travel price does not include any other travel insurance - the security certificate according to § 651k BGB is included.
• heyHusky recommends independently purchasing travel cancellation insurance and a foreign health insurance in order to cover financial costs in the event of illness or accident.

What type of luggage should I use?

There are no special requirements for luggage if not described in the tour description.
• You can take both suitcases and travel backpacks. Please be aware of what is included as free baggage with your respective airline (See Email "Flight documents”).
• In the case of multi-day trips from cabin to cabin, only the most important things are taken, unless otherwise described. The rest of your luggage will be left at the base station.

If you have any further questions or wishes, we are always available and will be happy to advise you!